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Before entering the world of professional wrestling, he was a member of the Mexican national team in Greco-Roman wrestling.He wears an adorned mask while wrestling and he also competed in the world of Mixed Martial Arts while wearing a modified version of the mask.He was quickly phased into a mid-card enhancement role and drifted aimlessly for months as a part of the League of Nations stable that went nowhere.Paige and Del Rio began publicly dating during this run and, not coincidentally, both of their pushes stalled at that point.He additionally won the Central American and Caribbean Games in his weight division three times and won an award at the Pan American Games.Rodríguez was on track to contend at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, however, because of an absence of subsidizing and support, Mexico did not send a wrestling group that year.Survivor Series remains one of WWE's traditional Big Four pay-per-views, so it would make sense as the setting for Paige's first major event back.

In 2007, he ended the nearly three-year CMLL World Heavyweight Championship reign of Universo 2000 and held that honor for nearly 500 days before losing the title to Ultimo Guerrero.The two ended up plainly occupied with October 2016.José Alberto Rodríguez, best known as Alberto Del Rio, is a Mexican professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, perhaps best known for his two tenures in WWE.Shortly afterwards, the former World Champion was granted his release from the sports-entertainment giant.The suspensions and Del Rio's departure led to questions surrounding Paige's future with the WWE however her contract has not been terminated.

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MORE: Wrestlers, fighters who became actors The timing is also curious because the announcement was made shortly after WWE was publicly embarrassed by Brock Lesnar failing a pair of USADA drug tests.

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