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The Axim has 91.4MB of user-available, non-volitile, Built-in Storage (BIS) in which to store applications and data.

I've elected to put almost all applications here than can run from BIS.

I bought an Elgato Eye TV Hybrid a while back, and I was using the uk service to get my EPG(Electronic Program Guide) data.

This, however, and unfortunately, stopped updating for Belgian channels on the 1st of january.

Only Today apps, auto-loading programs, and input utilities reside in Storage Memory in RAM.

A few apps reside on my 4GB Ri Data SD Card that would be useless without their core data on that card.

Like Windows on the desktop, apps toss fonts and dynamic link libraries (DLL) in the Windows directory.

Sports a clever feature that increases the relative size of the active window, then automatically swaps the emphasis when appropriate.

For example, when looking up a word, the word search window is large and the definition pane small.

As of October 19, 2009, I'm using the excellent HTC Tilt 2 from AT&T.

Almost all software is stored in the 266 MB of available Flash Storage.

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