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lots of threads about these traps in the general clay sports forum (not the skeet/trap/sporting clays specific ones)I had two champions die before I tossed a grand total of 15 targets. Got a champion easy-bird for Christmas and I've had it out a few times (~450 targets) with only a couple hang-ups.

I was using a bunch of odd-ball targets anywhere from 30 years old to Blue Rocks, to whatever they had at Walmart, though.

The only thing I would change is having the release cord detachable instead of permanently attached, but I suppose I could fix that with a hatchet.

For skeet I screw in the open choke that I used when shooting steel.The thumb safety was a bit easier to use when wearing gloves and so was loading shells into the magazine.Once in a while the thumb of my glove will get hung up in the shell carrier of my 870. Because it's fitted it points where I shoot - not shoots where I point.i havent had a single issue with this gun in the 2 years i have been hunting with spent 2 days under water when it fell out of the boat and we found it and i pulled the trigger and it went bang and ejected a very rusty shell and proceeded to clear the magazine with the same results.

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That recommendation is only for a waterfowl gun though. Any of the above mentioned are good guns, I like the BPS and Mossberg 835 but the Nova and 870 have lots of fans too.

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