Manually updating panda antivirus software

Okay thanks Their is KIS & TIS as above, both 2015 (which were are copyrighted 2014).f As stated above should I wait or get the 2016 version, or get this year's version & just get the updates at a cheaper price & 'discounted' price?

The shop said that that would update the anti-virus to the current version.

I see no reason to upgrade to windows 10 until then, I love the fact I can control updates with windows 7 on my cable connection. Sorry again :-( Kaspersky – Which gives more overall protection, Internet or Total Security Which Kaspersky gives more overall protection out of Internet Security or Total Security? All I can find is Internet Security 2015 for 5 devices / 2 years , or Total Security for 1 device / 1 year Or should I wait until the 2016 versions come out?

Useful Links: Please use the Virus Removal Help thread if you need assistance in removing a virus.

That thread also contains basic virus removal instructions.

If it ever got corrupted nothing much would be lost. I scan my desktop PC after every extended internet session and then let Norton's turn my PC off if all is OK.

My desktop PC is fully protected by paid for quality virus and malware software. I feel that action has kept my desktop PC working in top condition.

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