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Several lawsuits were filed against various parties, including Hendrick Motorsports, regarding the crash, and all have been long-since settled. "And I really believe if you don't have any faith or a lot of friends and family -- and my family is huge, because of these folks, here.We would not let their dreams die, but instead to go out and take it to the world.So much was lost on the side of Bull Mountain on Oct. What Hendrick rebuilt in the face of tragedy is a testament to his strength and that of the people who remained. It was the vehicle that Hendrick's son, Ricky, drove to the private hangar that housed his father's fleet of aircraft on the morning of Oct. Ricky parked the vehicle just before noon and boarded a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 with nine other people. And it was Ricky, Kimberly and Jennifer, John and Jeff ... As Hendrick said those words, he peered across the table at his longtime publicist and chief sounding board, Jesse Essex, for confirmation of accuracy."You didn't leave," Essex said.One day each year, during this exact week in late October, just as the wind begins to blow colder and the air breathes crisper and the leaves explode with color, Rick Hendrick removes the cover from a Chevrolet Tahoe in his garage on the Hendrick Motorsports campus, unlocks it and drives it home. Soon thereafter, en route to Martinsville Speedway, the plane crashed into Bull Mountain in Patrick County, Virginia. In that moment, Rick Hendrick lost his only son, his brother, his nieces, his best friends and his most-established, loyal business associates. And I said, 'Oh no ...'"He got back on the road and drove home to tell his wife, Linda, hoping the plane had landed somewhere else due to weather. "I remember you shook every single person's hand in the room.""Well ... "I know that something came over me when I walked in.In 1998, he received his first win on May 23, and earned his first pole position on July 18.One year later, he entered the NASCAR Busch Series (now Xfinity Series) at Myrtle Beach Speedway, where he qualified fifth and finished 20th.

It is a close-up of Ricky, holding an American flag, looking upward, likely during the national anthem at a NASCAR event. It was at Homestead Miami Speedway, at which he received a standing ovation in the prerace driver meeting. during a 2001 test at what was then Lowe's Motor Speedway. The child born from Ricky's relationship with fiancée Emily Maynard stays with Rick and Linda each Wednesday night, and they wake on Thursday and take her to school.

Hendrick continued to run the series in 2000, with the addition of competing in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (now Camping World Truck Series).

During Busch series season he was involved in two accidents, and received a mild concussion in one of them.

A decade later, his pain is like the tide -- it ebbs and it flows, but it never stops. It was foggy in Martinsville that day, so maybe they diverted. Because I wasn't sure -- I really wasn't -- that I could do it again."That meeting saved Hendrick Motorsports.

After 10 years, the hurt is mostly manageable, he said, but it still overwhelms him at times. It stood as proof that they would stand as a company and as a family and fulfill the dreams of the people who died on that airplane."It was like a family reunion or something. "I just know that the moment I saw them, something told me you've got to reassure them.

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While walking through the building one day, Hendrick swore Ricky's eyes in that photo followed him. No matter where he walked, Ricky's eyes followed."That's the most eerie picture I've got," he said. Ricky gave up a promising career as a driver to concentrate on the ownership side of the business. All four HMS drivers -- Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. For the first two or three years following the crash, Hendrick would see young men from time to time who looked like Ricky. He was at Atlantis once, and there was a young man wearing a camouflage sun visor, just like Ricky used to.

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