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I realize that my past experiences have made me who I am today, but I still wish I could go back in time and have a sisterly chat with poor, clueless, "younger me" about relationships.

I could've written three novels, started a business, and hiked the Appalachian Trail with all the wasted time and energy.

S.) is plenty attractive, as is your financial security. As I said, I don't know enough particulars of the OP's situation to comment. She wants to meet an American and ACT like she likes him. Then , she wants to divorce him and keep her green card (she slept with you for 3 years), maybe be a single mother away from her friends, family,culture, and everyone she has ever known to simply live in America and bust ass to make it with her broken English, possibly being a single mother to boot. If you meet a cool Russian girl just treat her like a person, learn from her, express an interest in her culture, and get to know her.I started to talk to her when she was looking at some stuff in the store.she was very friendly and I could feel she would be interested getting know me.I didn't have very much fun at it, which is depressing since I didn't pair up until my 30s.Besides, so much luck was involved in my finding my match that there are probably more alternate universes where I'm still living solo than where I'm married.

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Finding a romantic partner is only one of many goals you can have at once.

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