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If you have ever been settle or lied or she knows you have.yer screwed and she will get her b/f too kick yer ass or get the police to charge you!Pressing someone I like who more and more wishes I'd just go the hell away already isn't worth the possibility that secretly they want me to keep doing it, to me.I also wouldn't be entirely pleased with succeeding if my prize was someone who was going to make me guess all the time about what they actually want and don't want.I didn't want to be kissed, especially from a girl who had fallen off a bicycle and who's face was still healing from hitting the asphalt. I saw her on the first day, her face had nicely healed up, nicely tanned and CUTE! They feel very similar...sometimes you need a doctor to figure it out, and with the rising cost of health care and all... The trick is not to get creepy, stalking is a sheer turn off.Every recess period, she would chase me and tell me she wanted to kiss me. And I could listen to your stories all night..another....please? Keep it humourous and never intimidating or forceful. ji never thought i'd say this, but it can pay off... Or if she's not at a point in her life to want to date, then, yes, being around when that changes can certainly pay off. What I had seen as a "yucky girl" who annoyingly tried to plant a wet one on me turned into someone I really liked (in a 7yr old kinda way). I waited too long, and learned that even the persistant give up. Second grade may have been more memorable and third grade wouldn't have been so disappointing. I'm sorry I said you had cooties, and I'm sorry I didn't let you catch me.

This guy cared for the leak, but had to return for an additional part he did not have. Where is the line between stalking and being persistent? I'm the kinda guy who will ask a girl out once, and if she says No...

Her persistence could have paid off if I didn't wait so d*mn long. There are many cases of women who eventually say yes to a guy that has been asking/hinting persistantly even if it takes a few years. A few girls here have said that 'No means No' and I believe there are some strong minded women who are after a certain type of guy that would never give in.

A summer is a long time to wait for someone to come around. I must sprinkle my stories strategically among the posts like wildflower seeds in the garden of life. I asked a girl out in kindergarten and she rejected me.

So first I want you to understand a fundamental distinction that will allow you to gauge whether a woman is truly interested in you. Her sincerity and her responsiveness to your leadership.

Her sincerity is gauged by the correlation between what she says and how she acts.

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