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Ortoiroid artifacts include bone spearpoints, perforated animal teeth worn as jewelry, and stone tools, such as manos and metates, net sinkers, pestles, choppers, hammerstones, and pebbles used for grinding.SAN LORENZO, Puerto Rico _ In Puerto Rico's misty, bamboo-studded mountains, elementary school students are studying a nearly extinct language, beating on drums and growing native crops like cassava and sweet potato to learn about the indigenous people who lived on the island before Christopher Columbus.

Within American jurisdiction, as reflected by common citizenship, flag, currency and numerous applicable Federal laws, Puerto Rico might seem in everything but name a State of the Union.

The Taíno culture was the first infuence in Puerto Rican culture but it was Spanish culture which most greatly infuenced the island's history until the beggining of this century.

When the Spanish forced the Tainos into slavery, virtually the entire indigenous population was decimated, except for a few Amerindians who escaped into the remote mountains.

Puerto Rico today is caught between two diverse cultures and is constantly under scrutiny and judgement of visitors with only a scant understanding of the island and its people.

Outsiders and especially mainland Americans will increasingly be called upon to understand Puerto Rico and her unique culture.

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