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In a depressive phase, sedatives or depressants may be used to calm feelings of hopelessness, while stimulants may be used to elevate mood.Although the origins of bipolar disorder are still unknown, there are several underlying causes and risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing this disorder., approximately 2.6 percent of American adults have experienced bipolar disorder within any given 12-month period, and nearly 83 percent of these cases could be considered severe.Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is characterized by episodes of depression followed by elevated emotional states known as mania.In people with bipolar disorder, these chemicals may be deficient or imbalanced, contributing to the severe emotional fluctuations and energy states.Hormonal imbalances and structural changes in the areas of the brain responsible for cognition and mood regulation have also been associated with bipolar disorder, according to .The term “bipolar” reflects these opposite states of mind.reports that although both depressive and manic episodes are functionally debilitating, depression causes more overall impairment, and the symptoms of depressive episodes are typically more severe.

Although these fluctuations may follow certain patterns, they often strike in unpredictable ways, leaving the individual feeling out of control.Heredity appears to be one of the primary factors involved.According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, approximately two-thirds of individuals with bipolar disorder have one or more family member who also has a severe mood disorder.When psychosis occurs, suicide attempts, high-risk behaviors, and hospitalization are common.Bipolar disorder can be difficult to identify, especially in people who abuse drugs or alcohol.

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