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The YMA has appealed to the Government of India to prevent such marriages of convenience.Meanwhile, in Andhra Pradesh, the demand for the dismissal of Roda Mistry from the Chenna Reddy cabinet is gaining ground, in spite of an unqualified apology from her.“That’s dumb.” This has been the end of every exchange between the two of us while discussing our different, but sometimes not so different, religious traditions and extravagances. ” I would ask his mom after our traditional Hindu-Telugu ceremony. ” He asked after we showed him some old wedding videos of Sikh ceremonies. Even the term “PSJ” had been coined to keep conversations streamlined. I would never have taken the first step had it not been for my mom. Growing up, it was an unspoken rule that I would marry a Punjabi, Sikh, Jatt boy.

After the Police Action, followed by the integration of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad in the Indian Union, many of the Arab soldiers of fortune preferred to stay back.The newly-weds then leave town for destinations unknown and unasked.The majority of these 'brides' are abandoned in Bombay when the Arab visitor's tourist visa expires.Poor parents unable to get their daughters married are lured by these brokers who pay them outright Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000.A local kazi obliges by uniting the young girl, usually in her teens, to the visiting Arab groom, well past his prime.

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